David Wilcox, MBA, CTP, EA


David is a skilled accountant and treasury professional.  He has passed both the EA (Enrolled Agent) and CTP (Certified Treasury Professional) exams.  He can literally do anything in the accounting and finance realm and has a decent amount of related IT experience as related to accounting and CRM systems.

David also writes and helps others to develop their business ideas through encouraging them and helping them form strategies and identifying potential partners and customers.

By virtue of his decision to take the red pill and go to Barcelona, where he obtained his MBA, David is completely fluent in Spanish and has a decent amount of experience with international and multinational living and the unique documentation challenges which this lifestyle entails.

David founded Numbercraft to assist companies organizations of all sizes, from micro-enterprises to multinationals, to harness the power of cloud based accounting and CRM systems and to use the power of Pacioli’s Gift to propel their organizations much farther than they ever imagined.