As cloud based accounting and related systems have burst upon the scene, two things are quickly becoming clear to all:

  1. Accounting has never been easier:  With banking transaction data synchronizing with the accounting software on a daily or even hourly basis, users have a lionshare of their accounting related data entry completed at the time they swipe their card to make a purchase or receive a deposit into their account.
  2. Accounting has never been more confusing:  The combination of the shift in the flow of accounting data and on the fly reconciliation coupled with the illusion that cloud based systems are plug and play and do not require much in the way of setup and maintenance has created a recipe for things to get out of hand in a hurry.

Numbercraft exists to bridge the gap between the promise of efficiencies and what it takes to achieve and maintain said efficiencies in a cloud based accounting environment.  Whether you simply need a pit stop, someone to show you how to drive, or someone to drive your cloud based systems for you, we have a monthly, subscription based bookkeeping solution that is right for you.  Follow this link to find out more about our monthly bookkeeping solutions.